Oppodd Coffee & Bread

Oppodd is the first brand made and operated by BRENDEN.​ Oppodd respect the value of diversity and are the brands that start with the belief that the sum is the source of creativity. We focus on diverse cultures created in different spaces and different times, exploring new possibilities for coexisting and recombining cultures. Oppodd will create new and healthy business through collaborations in various ways to realize our values as well as drinks, desserts, space and products.​

Oppodd Busan

An image of 'oppodd busan' located in Seomyeon, Busan. The space of oppodd seeks to convey new experiences and values through the combination of time, the transformation of vision, and the variation of diversity. And oppodd offers a variety of coffee, drinks, breads and products developed from our perspective and philosophy.

+82 (0)51 084 1181

Coming Soon

We are preparing a coffee-specialized roastery store that offers coffee and special tea from the perspective of 'oppodd'. Let me ask of your attention.